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Shopping Malls

Reach affluent shoppers at the last opportunity to influence the buying decision using our portfolio of 100 destination and town centre malls. 25 feature in the top 100 malls (TWR) and our hero sites including Bluewater, the Bullring and Liverpool one.

Shopping Mall visitors

Reach a combined footfall of 34 million every 2 weeks. 42% of visitors are aged 16-34 and average spend per visit ranges from £50 – £150. The average shopper dwell time of 95 minutes, along with the multiple effective media formats available give you plenty of opportunities to influence your audience.

The benefits of Shopping Malls

Your brand will receive great stand out as media is located in busy, high footfall areas. Eye-catching D6 and 6-sheet displays ensure cut through and impact and digital allows you to run flexible campaign to suit your brand’s needs. Shopping mall media is highly affordable and effective, offering fantastic value for money.

How we can help

Please call us on 01252 368 368 or email sales@boomerangmedia.co.uk to find out more about this network.

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