Monthly fitness spend reaches £110

Gym goers are spending more on health & fitness than ever before

In last month’s hot topic we touched on the change of culture being seen in millennial’s who are now spending huge amounts on their health and fitness, despite being particularly cost-savvy in many other areas.

New research from MyProtein backs up this growing trend and shows the real extent of investment in health and fitness.

They surveyed 1,350 adults between the ages of 18-65 in the UK – whilst millennial’s topped the list, the average person spends £110 per month on their health and fitness. That’s the equivalent of roughly £80,000 in a lifetime.

The monthly figure factors in the following:

  • Monthly gym membership = £25
  • Health supplements = £40
  • Cost of kit e.g. trainers = £10
  • Clothing = £25
  • Healthy eating plan = £10

The research also shows people favour bespoke fitness classes and workshops at the gym. Fitness advisor at MyProtein, Arabella Ogilvie, says she sees people taking a creative interest in their workouts: “adults are adopting a more hands-on approach to their exercise and well-being.”

Gym members go to the gym to get fit and look good, so it is safe to say they care about their image and appearance, but they are interested in so much more –

  • 79% say it’s worth paying more for quality goods
  • 45% of members tend to go for premium rather than standard products
  • 66% say they love eating and drinking out with friends
  • 80% say they can’t resist expensive perfumes or aftershave
  • Gym goers are 3.5 times more likely to go on 3 holidays a year

So, with the Summer months approaching and more and more people heading to the gym to get fit, you can position your brand in front of this receptive and ready to spend audience.

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