Active Advertising

Boomerang Media has created a fast track solution that gets you up close and personal with the very audience you are trying to reach – at a time when they are highly receptive to advertising.

It gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of highly motivated and ambitious people with money to spend and a proven preference for high-end goods and luxury brands.

This innovative yet established marketing channel is exclusive to Boomerang Media. We call it Active Advertising.

I like to look great and spend my money on high-end beauty products and jewellery. I go to the gym 3 times a week.

45% of members tend to go for premium rather than standard products.

Me time

The best time to approach prospects with something they may want is when they are feeling positive and focused on their own needs and desires. Enjoying a bit of ‘me time’.

And the place that successful, affluent and aspirational people go to spend time on themselves is a health club.

Now, with Active Advertising, you can promote your products, services and events to members of some of the market leading health and fitness clubs in the UK, including David Lloyd, Nuffield Health and Pure Gym.

I love spending money on premium products and never leave the house without my designer clothes and aftershave. I go to the gym 3 times a week.

80% of members say they can’t resist purchasing expensive perfume or aftershave and 45% tend to go for premium goods.

Active values

Chris Rose’s ground-breaking book called ‘What Makes People Tick’ uses the values mode system of people profiling to reveal the unconscious drivers behind all human behaviour.

According to the Cultural Dynamics system, people can be divided into 12 distinct types by their shared values, beliefs and motivations. Those who believe that “visiting a gym should be an important part of a person’s lifestyle” are classified as either Golden Dreamers or Now People, depending on their other shared values.

  • Golden Dreamers like to try anything and acquire symbols of success.
  • Now People want everything now and ‘just do it’, whatever the financial cost.

If you are a marketing or media specialist with a premium brand to promote these are exactly the kinds of people you want to be talking to.

I’m always trying new things and sharing my experiences on social media. I go to the gym 3 times a week.

80% of members will have their smartphones with them at the gym and spend on average 685 minutes on Facebook per month.

Active results

But Active Advertising is not just a values-matching proposition. It’s an evidence-based approach.

Boomerang Media commissioned a study to investigate the visiting patterns, motivations and mind-set of health club members and the media effectiveness rates in this closed group. The results point to a sub-set of consumers who are motivated and ambitious, aspirational and sociable and more than happy to spend their money on premium products and experiences.


  • 94% have a positive mind-set while at the gym


  • 60% want to get to the top of their career


  • 79% say it’s worth paying extra for quality goods


  • 43% regularly notice adverts around the gym

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We are confident that Active Advertising will get your brand close to those hard to reach prospects at a time when they are most receptive. If you would like to see a full presentation on the benefits of Active Advertising please drop us a line and we will be in touch.