Unlock the Power of Leisure Time to Reach Families

Reaching families during their leisure pursuits can be highly effective


We specialise in unique recreational venues that should be on your advertising media plans to connect with family audiences. Here is why these are important:


Families that engage in recreational activities have unique needs and preferences that are reflected in the products and services they consume. For example, they are:


* 3x more likely to eat out several times a week

* 2x more likely to spend £45-50 a month on their mobile phone

* 2x more likely to own an electric car

* 2x more likely to safeguard their future with income protection

* 2x more likely to own three pets

* Source: YouGov, April 2023.


These leisure environments offer rich opportunities to engage with all the family


Alongside D6s and 6 sheets, we can also offer ambient activities in play centres and leisure clubs such as sampling, vinyl branding, table talkers, etc. There are numerous ways you can get your brand(s) noticed in these environments that offer exceptional dwell time for families – both as campaigns in their own right or to scale up existing activity.


In terms of share of traffic, families represent:



For the family audience, timing and location is key

Let us help you reach families when they’re most captive. We can also share more YouGov insights that are relevant for your brand(s) and sectors(s).  Get in touch to find out more