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Leisure Centres

Leisure Centre Advertising

Leisure Centres

Your brand can reach a wide range of audience groups at the heart of the community with our leisure centre advertising – available in 2 of the 3 largest UK chains – Places for People and Everyone Active. The Olympics & initiatives such as Change4life have helped drive investment in this sector, resulting in popular, high quality and well equipped venues.

Leisure Centre visitors

Reach a 2 weekly footfall of 1.65 million people, all focused on an active and healthy lifestle. As well as a core family profile, you can also reach teens, young professionals and the older generation. 63% of visitors are in the ABC1 member demographic (8% higher than the national average) and average household income is £34,679.

The benefits of Leisure Centre advertising

Leisure Centre advertising offers a range of audience groups and can be used as a standalone network but also in conjunction with our playcentre network to reach active families or our gym network to reach young professionals. Your campaign will receive high impact and repeat viewing as members visit on average 2 to 3 times per week with an average dwell time of 75 minutes.

How we can help

For more information on how leisure centre media can help your brand – please call us on 01252 368 368 or email sales@boomerangmedia.co.uk.

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