Growth mindset of health & fitness members

Heath and fitness members are more than individuals motivated to get fit

Many people are already looking forward to summer and eagerly hitting the gym. But health club members are more than just people who are working on their fitness goals.

They have something else in common: a growth mindset. They enjoy trying new things, desire new experiences and invest in personal growth, all of which have a direct correlation with the brands they consume.

Knowing that this audience is also 2 x more likely to buy a product online after seeing an OOH advert makes this a highly receptive audience.

Boomerang Media can help you get close to this sought after audience. We have partnerships with the best health and fitness chains in the country. From the likes of David Lloyd and Nuffield Health with a large AB profile and family demographic to Pure Gym, the UK’s leading gym chain, that can help you get close to young professionals.

The media opportunity

We have a range of media formats that will help to create an impactful, high frequency campaign to make your brand noticed:

  •   Access to 6.7m affluent and highly motivated members
  •   High impact and eye catching D6 screens in high footfall areas
  •   Ambient and sampling opportunities to target your audience in a unique way at multiple touchpoints throughout their visit

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*Source: YouGov 2023