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The best time to reach people is when they are enjoying a bit of ‘Me Time’, and the place that successful, affluent people go to spend time on themselves is the gym. With Active Advertising, you can promote your product, service or event to over 2.2 million members across 500 market leading health and fitness clubs in the UK, including David Lloyd, Nuffield Health and Pure Gym.

Gym members

Gym members go to the gym to get fit and look good so it’s safe to say they care about their appearance, but they are interested in so much more. 89% of all gym members are in the ABC1 demographic (26% higher than the national average). for more information on gym goers see Active Advertising.

The benefits of Gym advertising

You can run a highly targeted campaign ensuring high impact and repeated viewing. Members visit on average twice a week with an average dwell time of 80 minutes. It’s simple to target your brand at a specific profile or demographic as media opportunities are located and segmented throughout the gym. Specific chains can also be used for tighter targeting.

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