The Partnership

David Lloyd Clubs & Harbour Clubs are the UK’s most premium health club chain and a brand that is synonymous with the upmarket health & fitness industry. They offer premium leisure & sports facilities for some of the most exclusive and hard to reach audiences in the country; affluent professionals, aspirational families & adults leading a more leisurely lifestyle.

Delivering the most premium experience for their 500,000 members is their top priority. Facilities include; a health & beauty spa, club lounge & cafe, sports shop, crèche, pool, tennis, & racquet courts and state of the art gyms and exercise studios. Their 99 UK clubs provide the ultimate health & fitness destination to the countries elite.

The Media

D6 Screens

  • Eye-catching 65” & 55” HD screens, offering maximum stand out in-club.
  • Located in high traffic, high dwell-time areas (i.e. reception, club lounge & main gym area) allowing multiple exposure & frequency build.
  • Full motion dynamic content, which can be uploaded & live within 30 minutes.
  • In-club content acts as an editorial thread, ensuring the displays are regularly references by gym members.

The Audience


18-25 years old


46+ years old


AB profile


26-35 years old


male/female split


average salary


36-45 years old


2 weekly footfall


earn over £100k

Young Families

Young families form a core part of David Lloyd memberships. For them, time with the family is their biggest priority and are wealthy enough to base their purchasing decisions on what will give their young and developing family the best quality of life.

  • 45% of David Lloyd memberships are for families
  • 79% of members will pay more for good quality food and goods for their family
  • Family focused facilities include kids clubs, holiday clubs, parties, crèche, tennis clubs, swimming lessons, parties

Found: Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Café, Gym

Established Families

Established families share an equal emphasis on family quality of life. The children are now older and becoming more independent, giving themselves and mum & dad more money to spend on the finer things in life and more time to do what they enjoy doing the most; staying active.

  • 82% of members live in a 3 bed house or bigger
  • 28% of members are aged 38-45
  • 25% of members are working part time or a housewife

Found: Swimming Pool, Kids Clubs, Holiday Clubs, Crèche

Career Focused

The career focused are very hard working. Their career is their top priority and they share that same motivation when it comes to their health. They value and buy into brands that reflect their healthy lifestyle and are willing to pay more money in order to meet their needs.

  • 86% of members work either part or full time
  • The average salary of a David Lloyd member is £70k
  • 47% of members are aged 25-44
  • 29% of members earn £100k+

Found: Gym, Fitness Studios, Health Suites, Swimming Pool

Affluent Adults

The older, affluent adult audience love to stay active when not working and in their leisure time. Financial security is a top priority to prepare them for retirement. They also prefer to spend more money on good quality items that allow them to live a greater quality of life.

  • 46% of members are aged 45+
  • 9% of the audience are retired
  • 74% of members are in the AB demographic
  • The average salary of a David Lloyd member is £70k

Found: Racquet Courts, Fitness Studios, Spa, Swimming Pool

Leisurely Lifestyles

The leisurely lifestylers value a more relaxed approached to life. Working out, relaxing and socialising with friends are top of their priorities. These people consider themselves to be healthy and active and chose to spend their spare time on leisurely activities like going to the gym, gardening, DIY and travelling.

  • 26% of members are working part time or housewives
  • 66% list eating out and drinking with friends as one of their favourite pastimes
  • 9% of the audience are retired

Found: Gym, Spa, Café

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