Our Media: Ambient

Ambient media

You can deliver a creative and engaging campaign with ambient media which consists of bespoke media formats including, but not limited to, activity sheets, leaflets, mirror, locker and floor vinyls, table talkers and standees. Ambient formats can be used with 6-sheets and D6’s but also works well as a stand alone format.

Ambient media locations

Ambient is available nationally across Gyms, Playcentres, Leisure Centres and Schools.

The benefits of Ambient media

Creative formats are designed to surprise and engage your audience, allowing you to communicate specific messages to the right audience at the right time. Take-away products like leaflets provide a great take home reminder of your brand whilst formats like coupons work as a direct response mechanism for a measurable campaign.

How we can help

Ambient opportunities offer endless creative possibilities – give us a call on 01252 368 368 to find out more.

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