Promote your business to
people in your local area
Promote your business to
people in your local area

Local Advertising

UK Coverage

Our nationwide advertising networks gives you more opportunities to reach people in your local area than you might think

Flexible Packages

Our dynamic digital local advertising opportunities caters for businesses with budgets and marketing plans of all sizes

Desirable Audiences

Our portfolio of out of home networks enables local businesses to communicate with targeted and specifc audience types

Our Media

Digital Screens

Digital screens (D6s) are highly visible and attention grabbing. The high quality 65 & 55 inch screens give your business prestige front of your audience, are video copy enabled and can be updated in 30 minutes, creating flexible campaigns to suit your business’ needs. The screens are situated in key areas throughout each venue, allowing for multiple exposure to your brand. D6’s feature across all of our advertising networks throughout the country, so just let us know where your business is based and we will run a proximity search.

6-Sheet Posters

Classic 6-sheets are highly visible and eye catching, ensuring your poster campaign delivers a huge impact to your target audience 24/7. Panels are located at key points throughout each venue allowing you to reach your target audience at multiple times throughout their visit. These effective 6-sheet posters are available nationally across our health club, leisure centre, shopping centre and playcentre networks. Just let us know where your business is based and we will run a proximity search to tailor a campaign around your target area.

Our Destinations


Active Advertising in your local David Lloyd, Nuffield Health or Pure Gym health clubs and gyms gives you access to on average 5,000 affluent and motivated individuals whilst they are in a positive mindset and most receptive to advertising.

5,000 average members per venue visiting twice per week
Young professionals in Pure Gym & affluent adults and established families in David Lloyd & Nuffield Health Clubs

Shopping Centres

Reach members of your local community whilst in a buying frame of mind and influence their final purchase decision with our shopping centre advertising.

13% of the UK adult population visit their local shopping centre each week
Families, young professionals, teens

Leisure Centres

Communicate with families and individuals at the heart of your local community, whilst in their leisure time and therefore more receptive to advertising.

Average weekly footfall of 11,000 per venue
Families, young professionals, teens, 45+


Playcentres and Trampoline Parks offer you highly targeted access to local families at a time when they are all together and in a fun, positive environment.

On average 3,000 children and parents visit a playcentre every week
Families, teens


Position your brand alongside top blockbuster films in your local Vue cinema.

Highly difficult to reach audiences such as 18-24 year olds, families, teens & 45+

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