Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership
Nuffield Health Partnership

The Partnership

Nuffield Health is the UK’s largest healthcare charity, looking after people for more than 60 years. Today, they run a network of fitness and wellbeing clubs across the UK for over 350,000 members, as well as hospitals, medical clinics and diagnostic units. They also support businesses in looking after their employees by operating their fitness and wellbeing facilities services.

Through their experts, Nuffield Health link sites and services up to offer connected healthcare provision, including nutritional therapy, emotional wellbeing, occupational health, comprehensive health assessments, and personal training and hospital treatments.

The Media

D6 Screens

  • Eye-catching 55” HD screens, offering maximum stand out in-club.
  • Located in high traffic, high dwell-time areas (i.e. reception, club lounge & main gym area) allowing multiple exposure & frequency build.
  • Full motion dynamic content, which can be uploaded & live within 30 minutes.
  • In-club content acts as an editorial thread, ensuring the displays are regularly references by gym members.

The Audience


15-24 years old


45+ years old


AB profile


25-34 years old


male/female split


average salary


35-44 years old


2 weekly footfall


earn over £100k

Fit & Focussed

Fit & Focussed are a younger-skewed, higher income, career focused segment. Work life balance and appearance are important and a motivation to looking after their health. Food nutrition is more important for this segment.  They are prepared to pay for premium goods/services but also place high importance on a brand’s ethics.

  • 67% of this segment are ABC1
  • 49% work in a city centre
  • 27% earn £50,000 or more
  • 22% have private health insurance

Found: Gym, Fitness Studios, Swimming Pool

Healthy & Wealthy

Healthy & Wealthy are an affluent, older skewed segment. They tend to be older empty nesters and retired couples, suggesting they have a lot more free time on their hands. They are discerning consumers, prepared to pay for premium goods and services. They like to keep active and place high importance on a healthy diet.

  • 81% of this segment are ABC1
  • 35% have periodic health checks
  • 40% are degree educated
  • 27% earn over £50,000

Found: Gym, Fitness Studios, Health Suites, Café

Hurried Healthies

Hurried Healthies are a younger segment with a strong skew towards degree educated, full time workers. They tend to be young families or couples setting up a new home. Socialising and careers are important and place a strong emphasis on a good work life balance without neglecting any of their good health intentions.

  • 66% of this segment are ABC1
  • 43% are degree educated
  • 93% of this segment live in urban areas
  • 50% work full time

Found: Swimming Pool, Gym, Fitness Studios

Able & Stable

Able & Stable are an adult, family based segment, with slightly higher income than the UK average.  They are considered consumers, who manage their finances carefully as they approach retirement.  They tend to lead fairly healthy lifestyles, with good diet more of a concern than the national average.

  • 70% of this segment are ABC1
  • 33% still work full time
  • 30% are empty nesters
  • On average, this segment will spend £566 on health assessments

Found: Café, Gym, Health Suites, Swimming Pool

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