Promote your business to
people in your local area
Promote your business to
people in your local area

Local Advertising

Out of home advertising offers businesses the chance to reach local people in their local area. People spend on average 70% of their time out of home and Boomerang can offer you the chance to communicate with your desired audience in a highly targeted environment.

Boomerang’s local advertising opportunities include health clubs, leisure centres, playcentres, cinemas and shopping centres. With a 12 month holding on a digital screen or poster you will have countless opportunities to put your company front of mind for events and promotions.

Health Clubs

David Lloyd

David Lloyd is the UK’s market leading premium health club with 99 clubs across the UK. Each club has on average 5,500 members and a monthly footfall of 50,000.

Members earn an average salary of £70,000 and 74% are in the AB demographic. You can reach an audience who are highly engaged and in a positive mind-set, making them most receptive to advertising. David Lloyd cater for affluent professionals and families with facilities including gym studios, group classes, racket sports, swimming pools cafes, bars and a creche/kid’s club.

Pure Gym

Pure Gym is the UK’s largest and fastest growing health club chain, with 220 clubs across the UK offering low cost gym membership to 6,000 members per club.

Pure Gym offer affordable membership with no contract and 24/7 opening hours. Their high quality gym equipment and huge variety of exercise classes have enabled them to grow to the largest gym chain in the country. With 62% of members aged 18-35, you can reach young professionals who are active and engaged whilst in the gym, making them highly receptive to advertising.

Nuffield Health

Nuffield is the 3rd largest health club chain in the UK with 112 clubs and caters for a premium young professional, family and early retiree audience.

You can reach affluent individuals and families with an average salary of £60,000 and a 78% ABC1 membership base. Nuffield not only offers regular facilities like gym studios and group classes but also spa treatments, professional health care and assessments. Because of this, members are highly aware when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, with 90% considering themselves knowledgeable in this area.

Other Networks

Leisure Centres

Boomerang operate in 2 of the 3 largest chains in the UK – Places for People and Everyone Active. Each club has an annual footfall of 286,000.

63% of members are ABC1 with an average household income of £34,679. You can reach a range of audience types, including young and established families, young professionals and early retirees. Your local advert will receive high impact and repeated viewing as members visit on average 2 to 3 times per week with an average dwell time of 75 minutes.


Advertising in Playcentres allows you to reach an active family audience with children up to 11 years, in an affordable, fun and safe environment.

Playcentres are purpose built play centres split into three key areas; over 5’s and under 5’s play areas and a café/lounge for parents. The majority run after school and holiday clubs, as well as children’s parties. Playcentres provide a rare opportunity to reach parents and children together and you can reach 90,000 children and 45,000 parents annually.

Shopping Centres

Reach affluent shoppers at the last opportunity to influence a buying decision via our portfolio of 100 destination and town centre shopping malls.

43% of visitors are aged 16-34 and average spend ranges from £50-£150 depending on the shopping centre. Your advert will have plenty of time to communicate with your audience as shoppers stay for an average of 90 minutes. Our poster and digital media is situated in high footfall areas meaning your local advert will reach receive maximum impact and repeated viewing.

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