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Advertising in playcentres allows you to reach an active family audience with children up to 11 years, in an affordable, fun and safe environment. Playcentres are large purpose built play centres split into three key areas; over 5’s and under 5’s play areas and a café/lounge for parents. The majority also run after school and holiday clubs, as well as children’s parties.

Playcentre visitors

You can access up to 1.5 million children and 1 million parents every month. 60% of parents in the UK visit a playcentre and deliver a varied demographic spread, with an average ABC1 profile of 57%. Playcentre media offers you the chance to influence the main household buyer as 98% of parent visitors are responsible for the weekly shop.

The benefits of Playcentres

Engage with the family away from their day to day routine, at a time when children and family life are front-of-mind. You can communicate specific messages to the right audience at the right time with our variety of media formats. Average dwell time is 90 minutes providing plenty of time to make an impact.

How we can help

Playcentre media offers a fun and innovative opportunity for your brand, please call us on 01252 368 368 or email sales@boomerangmedia.co.uk to find out more.

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