Our Media: Postcards


Postcards engage with your audience on a 1-2-1 level, and get your brand into the hands and homes of children and parents. They are an opt-in media format, allowing people to choose a relevant message and therefore reducing wastage. Cards are frequently picked up and passed on to friends or family, giving your message an extended lifetime and further impact.

Postcard locations

Postcards are available across in our school & college networks. They are distributed via staff hand-outs in Schools, ensuring buy in from teachers and inclusion in any lesson based or break time activities.

The benefits of Postcards

Postcards are unique and our range of production techniques can enhance any creative idea. Cards act as a great take home reminder of your brand and can feature augmented reality, such as a QR code or blippar, to drive your audience online. Multiple creative designs can make cards collectable and swappable driving word of mouth and social engagement.

How we can help

Postcards are a brilliant way to reach your audience in a personal and creative way. Please give us a call on 01252 368 368 or email sales@boomerangmedia.co.uk to find out more.

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