Reach thousands of active families

Playcentre and leisure centre footfall set to rise during summer.

With the arrival of the hot weather, the school Summer holidays are just around the corner, and our playcentres and leisure centres will be full of families and teens, with a 15% increase in footfall during the month of August alone.

This creates the ideal opportunity to reach a highly captive family based audience at a time when the family are altogether, children are front of mind and they’re in a positive mindset, making them highly receptive to advertising.

Our Playcentre network now includes soft play centres, trampoline parks and clip ‘n’ climb centres, 10% of which have outside facilities. This takes our active family pack to 370 sites across the country and gives you access to over 2 million active and engaged families.

Our cost-effective portfolio of formats includes high impact D6’s, classic 6-sheets as well as sampling and ambient opportunities.

Click here to see our Playcentres in action and you can also download our ‘active family’ media pack for more information.

If you would like to find out how our active family advertising opportunity can benefit your brand, please get in touch.