Sampling Season

Get your brand into the hands of consumers with product sampling

Do you want to get your brand directly into the hands and homes of your target audience?

Product sampling enables you to drive trial of a new or existing product as well as getting your brand directly into the hands of your target audience. Colgate, Heinz, L’Oreal and Vita Coco are just a few examples to have benefited from product sampling campaigns in recent months.

Our sampling opportunities in Gyms, Playcentres and Leisure Centres give you access to a highly targeted audience.  Samples can be positioned in a specific venue area to target a particular target audience at the right time and we offer passive, controlled or active sampling depending on your brand’s needs.

  • Passive – your target audience can help themselves to a sample
  • Controlled – samples handed out by staff or as locker drops
  • Active – brand ambassadors handing out samples to customers

“I’ve never seen a more popular product sampled in our gym! Our Colgate stock had ran out within 3 days because members were talking about how much they liked the product and everyone wanted to try it for themselves.”

Pure Gym Manager, Bristol Harbourside

With a cost effective cost per sample, parallel with print, get in touch with us today to find out how product sampling could help get your brand into the hands and homes of your consumers.