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Through our cinema media you can position your brand alongside the big screen and tap into the excitement of the overall cinema experience, reaching a highly engaged and captive audience at a time when they are away from their day to day life and therefore most receptive to advertising. Postcard racks are situated in high footfall areas and provide a creative and personal solution to engage your audience.

Cinema goers

As a key part of the cinema experience, visitors spend on average 16 minutes in the foyer giving your brand great exposure. 50% of cinema goers are likely to talk about an advert they have seen there resulting in great word-of-mouth for your brand. 55% of visitors are ABC1 and 62% aged between 16 and 44.

The benefits of Cinema

Through cinema media, you can reach your target audience at a time when they are engaged and most receptive to advertising. Campaigns can be planned around a relevant film to reach a specific audience group and reduce wastage. Cards can be used to drive people online, via their phone, or act as a great take-home reminder. Cards have an average pick up rate of 74% and can be used to ‘top and tail’ the cinema experience.

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Please call on 01252 368 368 or email sales@boomerangmedia.co.uk to find out more about how cinema can help your brand reach its desired audience.

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