Arla Protein Motivate Gym Goers

Arla promoted their protein yoghurt to gym goers using creative media formats with motivating messages.

You may have noticed that the health and fitness market has recently gone protein mad. With more gym goers exploring protein to boost their work out, it has become a pretty crowded market. Boomerang’s health club media offered Arla the chance to cut through the crowd and reach the most relevant audience in the most relevant environment.

High in protein, fat free and delicious, Arla offers a simple way to boost a toned body in combination with exercise. Available in a tub in three different flavours, it is a convenient way to help the body recover after training.

Arla wanted to encourage average gym goers, not just those who are body building, to use Arla Protein to boost their workout and help their body recover. It was important to stand out in an uncluttered environment so they could send fun, motivating and encouraging messages to gym-goers during their workout.

Boomerang’s network of health clubs offered a targeted, no wastage solution. Arla were able to reach gym-goers at multiple touch-points using a range of creative formats including 6-sheets and D6’s for overall brand awareness and mirror vinyls in the changing rooms, exercise studios and gym areas. This fun and unique campaign gave Arla high impact and repeated viewing.

Boomerang’s health club media allowed Arla to reach their specific audience in a targeted and relevant environment. The nature of the formats used meant they were able to speak to and motivate gym-goers at key times throughout their work out on a personal level. We were really pleased with the look and execution of the campaign.

Chris Springall, Carat