Kid’s go Coco-nuts for Vita Coco

Vita Coco have been getting their kid’s range into the hands, and tummies, of children during the Easter Holidays.

Offering a healthier alternative chilled drink, Vita Coco Kids is naturally flavoured and contains less sugar than most leading children’s brands. Two variants, mango & pineapple and apple & blackcurrant are available in a handy lunch box sized juice box. It contains 37.5% natural coconut water and works quickly to hydrate and refresh children.

 The challenge was to reach both children and their parents and advertise in a fun and social environment. Playhouse sampling offered a no wastage, interactive and fun solution.

Vita Coco were able to interact directly with consumers as a display sampling table and rep were situated in each venue. Appealing to the whole family together, they engaged with children through sampling and parents with product information and a 50p off coupon to encourage sales. Coupons are highly effective in playhouses as 93% of parents are responsible for the weekly shop.

The campaign went down really well, Œlittle monkeys loved trying the samples and we received some great feedback.

We were really busy during the Easter Holidays and children (and their parents) were very keen to try the Vita Coco samples. They really liked them and a few people commented that they were surprisingly fruity!”

4 Kingdoms Headley, Hampshire