Cinema Cards that are out of this world

Sky Store and Egmont reach millions of film lovers in record breaking Q4.

2015 was undoubtedly a fantastic year for Cinema, with the likes of Jurassic World, Inside Out, Spectre, the Hunger Games and Star Wars all topping the box office charts.

Q4 was particularly notable, featuring the two highest grossing films of 2015; Spectre and Star Wars – which is now the highest grossing film of all time!

Cinema cards take your brand straight to the heart of the action. This engaging, accountable and cost effective media can be used to ‘top and tail’ the cinema experience, giving cinema goers a great take home reminder of your brand.

During Q4 we saw multiple rack domination postcard campaigns from Sky Store and Egmont Publishing.

Sky Store ran two nationwide cinema campaigns to promote the pre-order releases of both Spectre and Star Wars, to a film loving audience. They took rack domination across our entire estate shortly after each film’s release date. The campaign consisted of fully branded racks and domination of each slot, using eye-catching collectable cards for each film. We distributed 1.6 million cards in total.

Spectre broke box office records with the highest number of pre-orders and Star Wars is well on its way to top this.

Egmont wanted to promote their new ‘Star Wars Adventures’ magazine to fans across the country. The campaign started on the same day Star Wars: the Force Awakens was released and featured a series of striking character cards as well as information on magazine content, where to buy the magazine and an online competition.

Egmont’s cards were hugely popular with cinema goers and received an average pick up rate of 98%.

Rack domination increases the visibility and cut-through of a postcard campaign and is available across our national network of cinemas. Why not advertise your brand around a key film this year?

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X-Men Apocalypse 18th May

Male, 15-44, 65% ABC1

Est box office = £28m

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Finding Dory 29th July

Family, ABC1

Est box office = £45m

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Suicide Squad 5th August

Male, 15-44, 69% ABC1

Est box office = £20m

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Bridget Jones’s Baby 16th September

Female, 15-44, 71% ABC1

Est box office = £23m

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Fantastic Beasts 18th November

Male, female, 15-24, 72% ABC1

Est box office = £45m

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Star Wars: Rogue One 16th December

Male, Female

Est box office = £70m

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