Just for Men see awareness soar

Just for Men gym advertising increases awareness by 360%.

Gym advertising has proved a great success recently for Just for Men as results show a significant increase in awareness of Control GX, ad attribution to the gym and perception of the brand.

The brand

Just for Men is a men’s hair colouring brand, targeting men who wish to combat grey hair. Their newly launched product, ‘Control GX’ is the first of its kind to gradually reduce grey. It works on any shade of hair and helps to maintain a natural look.

The challenge

Just for Men wished to target an image conscious male audience, but in an appropriate and personal way. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the brand, improve perceptions and future consideration to purchase.

The campaign

We recommended A3 mirror vinyls and A4 shower vinyls across our leading health club and leisure centre environments. The vinyls were strategically placed to target ‘optimum moments’ throughout the visitor journey. Weights area and male changing rooms were used as contextual touchpoints, with mirror vinyls in the weights area reaching guys when when they were thinking about their appearance and shower vinyls communicating at a potential point of use.

The results

Just for Men reached a total of 720,000 men, with a total campaign footfall of 2.9 million. We ran research for the campaign to measure awareness raised, brand perceptions, ad recall and future intent to purchase. The results exceeded expectations against all metrics.

All measures increased

With the majority seeing a significant statistical increase

Key take-outs from research

Increase in sales, perceptions of the brand and ad attribution

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