5 Seconds of Summer Schools advertising

The challenge

Capitol Records wanted to promote 5 Seconds of Summer¹s debut album among teen girls. The aim was to create a buzz and word of mouth about the band shortly before the release date.

What we did

Distributed 50,000 postcards, via a branded Œboombox¹ dispenser, across 100 schools nationally. The postcards consisted of 5 different designs, including one for each member of the band, making the cards very popular, highly collectable and swappable. Each school also received an A3 poster to add value and stand out to the campaign. 

The results

School postcards allowed Capitol to reach 70,000 13 ­ 17 year old girls. The positive feedback from schools was some of the best we have had in recent years with many requests for more to be sent out. The album reached number 2 in the UK album charts.

5 seconds of summer ambient advertising