Toys ‘R’ Us

The challenge

Desiring to cement their position as the #1 ‘go to’ Christmas toy retailer, Toys R Us wanted to spark ‘Christmas present conversations’ between parents & children. Every child loves looking through a toy catalogue, so Toys R Us looked for opportunities where parents & children could do this together, generating excitement over what Santa might bring for the big day!

What we did

Taking this insight, we recommended the use of our Playhouse network. The environment provides a rare opportunity to communicate with the whole family unit whilst they are together and engaged, with high dwell time providing plenty of opportunity for those Christmas present conversations to take place. Toys R Us were able to distribute their catalogue via an eye-catching branded dispenser positioned near the cafe area of each playhouse.

The results

Through the network, Toys R Us were able to distribute over 150,000 catalogues across November & December, generating numerous present conversations and ensuring the retailer would be front of mind for the Christmas present shopping trip. Estimated footfall across the period was 1 million parents and 1.5 million children.

ToysRUs sampling in playhouse