Soho Gyms D6 expansion

Boomerang launch 20 digital advertising screens across 10 Soho Gyms.

Boomerang’s digital gym portfolio continues to grow with the launch of 20 D6 screens across 10 Soho Gyms clubs.

Soho Gyms have been in London for over 23 years. Their clubs are all near strong transport links attracting a strong city based audience with key locations including Waterloo, Covent Garden, Clapham and Borough. They offer 500+ classes a week and 200+ personal trainers, as well as flexible memberships, day/week passes making fitness highly accessible to a city working audience. Membership costs on average £70 meaning you will reach an affluent audience with disposable income.

Our dynamic, full motion D6 screens in Soho Gyms offer you the chance to reach an ambitious and highly motivated audience at a time when they are most receptive to advertising.

Benefits of advertising in a gym:

  • An affluent audience, with disposable income – members are 26% more likely to earn £50,000
  • Motivated and receptive audience – 94% are in a positive mindset at the gym
  • 79% say it’s worth paying extra for quality goods
  • 33% are more likely to buy products they see advertised around the gym

Benefits of D6 advertising:

  • Eye-catching HD LED screens, offering stand-out & cut-through
  • Located in high traffic areas, allowing multiple exposure & frequency build
  • Full motion dynamic content, can be uploaded & live within 30 minutes
  • In-club content acts as an editorial thread, ensuring the displays are regularly referenced by gym members

Please get in touch to find out more about how gym advertising can help your brand.